4 Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags
4 Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags
4 Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags
4 Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags
4 Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags
4 Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags
4 Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags

4 Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags

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reusable trolley shopping bags
As our planet makes the change from plastic to paper world wide, the transition from plastic is going to shake up the way we live, including the way we shop!
Stores and Grocers alike are going to start charging for simple paper bags.
unless you want to carry your groceries in your arms.
It's going to cost a pretty penny to buy new bags every time you go to the grocery store.
reusable grocery shopping trolley bag
Our Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags is the new and best way to both help our environment and save you money at the same time!
These reusable Shopping Bags start you on your way to helping both yourself and the environment by being made from only renewable material, making it the ultimate companion for any shopper! These Shopping Bags are super easy to bring to the store and allow for any shopper to add more items to their cart without having to struggle to find any extra room!
sizes of reusable shopping trolley bags
It is also great for keeping fragile items safer while shopping, such as eggs or glass containers! It can even double as a great way to add some extra space to your pantry or car as an extra storage bag! Organize your groceries so you can quickly grab the items you need. Transport or carry all your hot or cold items! Comes with a cooler bag for frozen groceries and produce.
Being very light and transportable isn£ªt a weakness for these Shopping Bags! They are made of Premium 120gsm fabric and double stitched prevent from bursting. It's strength is enough to hold over 50LBS, and has a mesh bottom that ensures spills don't pool in the bottom of the bag. This set is designed to fit an average-sized shopping cart or trolley.
It gives you an ample amount of room for just about any shopping item and very feasible straps to maneuver. And never worry about where to keep these shopping bags because it's foldable allowing you to store it just about anywhere!
Gives you a series of open and upright bags allowing you to pack your goods into color-coded bags depending on the category of grocery that you are looking for. Detach one bag at a time to load into your car to transport home.
Multi Use Grocery Bags
Aluminum insulation keeps food warm or cold for longer; use them as a trunk organizer to transport food and groceries or with ice packs as a cooler bag for picnics, camping or tailgating.
Use bags as regular single bags or even put them in the wash!.
Package Includes
Insulated Cooler Bag x 1 Reusable Trolley Bags x 3 Adjustable Poles x 4
Dimensions: 14.3 x 11.1 x 3.9 inches
Item weight: 1.9 pounds

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